Federal Health Insurance Premiums to Increase for 2013

More than 8 million people covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program will see an increase in their health insurance premiums in 2013. According to an announcement by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the average premium will increase by 3.4 percent, which will cost about $2.75 more per biweekly pay period for self only coverage and $6.39 more for family coverage. The increase is lower than the 3.8 percent seen last year. Dental and vision premiums are expected to go up no more than 1 percent. Learn more.

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6 Responses to Federal Health Insurance Premiums to Increase for 2013

  1. Arlin McGee says:

    This is absolutely absurd. We get no pay raise in forever, yet we pay higher insurance premiums in order to take care of all the deadbeats that have no job. This is just awful.

  2. Bruce says:

    What happened to Obamacare? My premiums go up and my FSAFEDS health savings account is cut in half. Very interesting . . .

  3. Kay says:

    I agree with Arlin. Why not put a “price freeze” on health insurance premiums to mirror the “wage freeze” for Federal employees?

  4. yvonne roman says:

    This wouldn’t be that bad if they left copayments at $10 but not only did our premiums go up this year, but now we have to pay $20 for dr visits and $30 for brand name drugs instead of $20. I hate to think what our monthly costs will be next year.

  5. robyn says:

    I have worked for the federal govt for 35 1/2 yrs and I am only a GS-7, making just under 50K a year. I just found out Fri that my Healthnet HO premiums are going up 43 percent in Jan 2013 and my co-pays are going up to. So, I now pay $151 a month just for me and they want $214 from me so I am cancelling in open season. I would be farther ahead to put $214 in my mattress and just pay full price at my doctor appts. I have to switch to a high deductible plan. I hope all you Obamacare lovers are satisfied with getting fre birth control and adult children on your health insurance until they are 26 – an adult for 8 yrs!!! The single plans increased by 42 percent and the family by 33 percent. Ridiculous. I would be better off to pay full price for birth control than these outrageous premiums. Welcome to Obamacare – we all pay more so the deadbeats can keep getting everything for FREE!

    • Harold says:

      Yes, mine went up by 40% next year, and I am retired. Sending emails to the State US Senators results in saying the same thing and that the ABC requires the insurance companies to publicly disclose information justifying rate increases over 10%. This information was hard to fine with Health Net.

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