New Biofuels Research Grant to Spur Job Creation

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack awarded a five-year, $10 million grant  to Pennsylvania State University to develop biomass supply chains for the production of liquid transportation and aviation biofuels. This is the sixth grant made through the USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, placing an opportunity in every corner of the country to promote biofuels, according to Vilsack. The grant will help fund research to plant miscanthus, switchgrass or willow in strip mines and marginal flood plain lands. During a media conference, the Secretary told reporters that the new initiative is expected to bring 400,000 jobs directly and indirectly. Once the industry reaches the mandate to provide 36-billion gallon of biofuels per year in the nation’s fuel supply, Vilsack said nearly 1 million jobs would be created.

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  1. Vijay says:

    It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knwiong that Mr.Obama Administration “is committed to working with all sectors of the dairy industry to develop changes to the dairy pricing system to avoid the boom and bust cycle behind the crisis facing many dairy farmers this year”How can I write Vilsack personally? At least his office? I have decided to have a rant. These people don’t see the REAL farmers out here. Or their children, animals anything. All they see is what DFA and all the others want them to see and hear. It might not do any good but who knows.

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