FSA Changes Way Producers Receive IRS Forms

Beginning this year, producers whose total reportable payments from the Farm Service Agency are less than $600 will not receive IRS Form 1099-G. Previously, the forms were issued to show all program payments received from FSA, regardless of the amount. Producers who receive payments from more than one county will receive one 1099-G form if the total of all payments from all counties is $600 or more. The same changes apply to producers who normally receive IRS Form 1099-MISC.

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5 Responses to FSA Changes Way Producers Receive IRS Forms

  1. Helen Chamberlain says:

    Are we still required to report payments earned under farm programs if they are less than $600.00 and we do not get a 1099?

  2. Mark Bullock says:

    Ditto to what Helen said.

    • Tanya Brown says:

      Although CCC/FSA is not required to provide a 1099 when the aggregate amount paid to a tax identification number is less than $600, most farm program payments are to be included in farm income. Refer to IRS publication 225, Farmer’s Tax Guide, for additional information on reportable income, or consult your tax advisor about your specific reporting requirements.

  3. Beverly Roberson says:

    If this is a cost savings then quit sending out multiple statements that say a payment IS COMING and use that savings to send EVERYONE regardless of amount a 1099.

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