Latest Issue of MIDAS Press Provides Update on Deployment, Testing

Deployment schedules and testing updates are just a few features headlining the latest issue of the MIDAS Press. The fall issue highlights ways the MIDAS team is working to ensure organizational readiness and a higher degree of confidence in the system while going through testing phases to validate that the system will be fully functional and able to meet FSA program needs once it goes live. Other articles include an overview of the super user boot camp and how USDA Connect provides innovation across the MIDAS project. Read the MIDAS Press.

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2 Responses to Latest Issue of MIDAS Press Provides Update on Deployment, Testing

  1. Dennis Daggett says:

    What is the approach and schedule for MIDAS to allow farmers to directly report acreage to the FSA? Will MIDAS allow farmers to electronically download their CLU data so they can use the CLU field identification in their precision ag technology? What is the reconciliation process within MIDAS to reconcile differences in acreage as calculated by GPS measurement versus GIS measurement?

    • Wendy Bigaouette says:

      Who will be training the farmers on how to sign-up for programs on the WEB? It appears that USDA is moving to doing all things on the internet. Given the complexity of USDA forms and regulations, and the average age of the farmers in our county is about 60, are you expecting an awful lot if they are to sign up by themselves. What is the plan for DCP sign-up and acreage reporting on the WEB?

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