Clowning Around Has It’s Benefits

Mamaw Bubbles visits the White County FSA Office in Illinois to encourage producer sign-up and bring laughter to the office.

A day off from work turns Renita Nelson into another person. Her alter ego, Mamaw Bubbles, dons a green wig, yellow shoes and a multi-colored dress. Holding a megaphone in her hand, she stands in front of the White County, Ill., Farm Service Agency reminding producers to sign-up for DCP or ACRE programs before the deadline. Some people may say she looks silly dressed up like a clown, but it brings smiles to faces and has increased producer sign-up by 15 percent. “Most adults enjoy a clown and being able to make others laugh is my goal,” said Nelson, a program technician with the White County, Ill., office. “If Mamaw Bubbles can help get our producers in to sign up for the program that is what she will do.”

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