100-Year-Old Farmer Annie Faye Woodson Dies

At 100 years of age, Annie Faye Woodson was still farming 1,000 acres of farmland.

The Farm Service Agency must report some sad news.  We recently featured a story about 100-year-old but very active rancher Annie Faye Woodson.  Annie died this week from a stroke.  Her grandson notified our staff in Texas of her passing, saying how grateful he was that Cassie Bable, Texas Public Affairs Specialist, covered Annie’s wonderful life.  He said it made his grandmother extremely happy.

Telling Annie Faye Woodson’s story made all of us at the Farm Service Agency extremely happy, too.  She was an inspiration.  We thank her for giving us hope that even at 100 our lives make a difference.  Annie’s certainly did.  May she rest in peace. Read the recently published story.

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4 Responses to 100-Year-Old Farmer Annie Faye Woodson Dies

  1. Wanda Lee, FSA says:

    My sincerest condolences to Ms. Woodson’s family and friends having lost so much of my mom’s family in the last two year. Carry on her tradition. God Bless!

  2. Barb Lucas says:

    Thoughts and prayers are sent to you and your family, Mrs. Woodson’s story was inspiring to say the least…I took it home to my 90 year old father who farmed all his life, and he enjoyed the story also. It encouraged him that someone older was still so active! Age has a way of making you feel “not needed”, but I think Mrs. Woodson proved how “needed” the elders of our communities are! May her story live on for future generations! Hold your many memories dear to you!

  3. Angie Vanatta says:

    I enjoyed reading Annie’s story and was marveled by her ability to still go out with the cattle and carry on the farming operation with some help.

    I was saddened to hear of her passing. Thoughts and prayers are with her family.

    May God Bless her family even more than he already has.

  4. Fannie Bluiett Richard says:

    My condolence and prayer to the family of Ms. Woodson. Keep her dream alive.
    May GOD bless and keep you.

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